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Image by Johannes Plenio



Providing the right atmosphere for any occasion. Here is a photo of me performing at a cricket club for a lovely wedding.  


Birthday parties. 

Any age group, any location, Adam is guaranteed to get everyone singing along and have a great time. 


Want some guitar for good measure? 

Want to add some acoustic guitar to your event? Adam has performed all over the world on his guitar. Feel free to ask for it to be played at your event. 


Work Events. 
Find a space, Book the Piano Man and let the good times roll! I have performed for all sizes of companies up and down the UK. Get in touch for your work event now!


Piano Kensington

Adam has been performing at the legendary Piano Kensington for nearly 10 years. Performing for people from all over the world is an absolute joy. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 13.38.42.png

Corporate events. 

Get Adam and the band to perform at your event. You are in the safest of hands, and guaranteed to have a great night with your team.

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